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1462 - The Frankfurter Judengasse (from German: “Jews' Alley”) was the Jewish ghetto of Frankfurt and one of the earliest ghettos in Germany.It existed from 1462 until 1811 and was home to Germany's largest Jewish community in early modern times. At the end of the 19th century, most of the buildings in the Judengasse were demolished.. Wood and brush chippers are ideal for reducing limbs and brush into fine wood chips that is suitable for use in landscaping applications. All models feature 2-wheel trailer mountings for easy towing. This 12” chipper is a drum-style chipper that utilizes two reversible knives to provide smooth material flow and minimize binding with fibrous material such as vines and palm fronds.. The months of the year presented on coloured party balloons. Ideal for a classroom birthday timeline or display..

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